Life in Resonance was developed in 2006, however nothing was done until June of 2011.  Given the nature of the advice offered on this site you may wonder why it too so long to make it live.

The original idea was to offer this material at a price.  That would involve developing an entire marketing and sales strategy, whereas the focus was to help people.

And then one day I had a blinding flash of the obvious – make it free, and only ask people to pay if they gained some benefit!  That means that we earn money if it helps people (i.e. you), and we should help the largest number of people.

That also makes the idea of payment completely optional.  If you can’t pay, or don’t want to pay – then don’t pay!

Anyway, back to the original idea…

I am an engineer.  I have been running my own businesses since I was 23.  I have been in a loving relationship with my wife for 31 years (since 1980, when we were both young).  I have two fantastic boys.  We all live a great life on a 10 acre (4 hectacres) overlooking the sea, with all the trappings (pool, tennis court, etc.).

Over the years I have been very interested in psychology, and the elements that make businesses and people successful and happy.  I have seen “schemes” where people are supposed to have success simply by “asking the universe” for what they want.  I have read advice that seemed vague, possibly well-meaning, but not practical in my opinion.

And I have also seen that a very large number of people are far less fortunate that I am…

I have a desire to help people achieve greater success and happiness in their lives.  Everyone deserves to be happy.  Everyone should wake up in the morning and look forward to the rest of the day; be excited about what they are doing and who they are.  But that is not the case; of course.

In my “other life” I teach people about vibration analysis of rotating machines (strange, I know!), which includes a special field called resonance.  It occurred to me one day that what we do in life closely parallels the mechanical world of resonance (and its properties of mass, stiffness and damping and other principles such as inertia, momentum, and friction).  I have been exploring the field ever since, and it evolved into Life in Resonance.

And now, at last, it is live to air!  I have tried to make everything as easy to understand as humanly possible.  Resonance is not the easiest concept to grasp, and how it relates to life, success and happiness may also be hard to understand – initially – but if you put a little time aside I am sure you will find it interesting and very rewarding.

I hope Life in Resonance will help you improve your life.