What is success?

Before you go any further, it really is worth while considering a very important question: what is success?

Success is good!

Is it? It is very easy to look around and see signs of other people’s “success”.  Perhaps they are driving a nicer car or living in a better house.  Perhaps they appear to have happier relationships or they have a thinner waistline.

There is no doubt that all of these goals are worthy.  And there is no doubt that it helps to have an idea of what you want.  But there is an old saying; “be careful what you wish for”.  And there is another saying; “All that glitters is not gold”.  And there is a saying about the grass being greener, but I can’t remember that one 😉

Don’t I want those things?

The point is that some people will look more successful, but you can’t assume that they are happier.  Is the goal to be more successful or happier?

Aren’t people with new cars happy?

They may be happier, but they may not.  The person with the fancier car may also be looking at other people who have even fancier cars; feeling that they are unsuccessful, feeling inadequate.  And they may be working very long hours in order to earn that money; and that is time spent away from their family.  And you never know whether they are actually in debt.

Thinner people are happier; aren’t they?

The person with a thinner waistline may be starving themselves and spending a disproportionate time at the gym (ignoring their children).  They may also have an eating disorder, and they may lacking elements in their diet that they need in order to be healthy.  And they may be looking at the thinner person on the next treadmill thinking; “I am clearly not thin enough…”

Am I there yet?

But I want those things anyway

And that’s fine.  I just ask that you think about the journey that you have embarked on.  As you make changes to your life, try hard to reflect upon the gains you make before you turn your sights to the next set of gains that you would like to make.  Sometimes life can be lifke the mouse in the wheel – no matter how hard you try, you never seem to complete the journey.

Don't be like the mouse that is always trying to reach an unreachable destination. Be like the mouse that loves playing on the wheel!

The key is to enjoy the jouney, and to reward yourself as you pass each milestone.