Life in resonance – a summary

You may be wondering how life improvements relate to resonance.

We can summarize it very quickly.

If you change your life so you are doing the right things (and get into resonance), and you remove the factors in your life that are holding you back (sources of damping), and you put in an effort; then you will achieve great results – you cannot fail.  You can enjoy loving relationships, improved health, and financial security.  You just need to break the inertia that is stopping you from acting, gain some momentum, and enjoy the journey.

We will help you so that you are “doing the right things”.  We will help you to identify and eliminate the “factors that are holding you back”, and we will encourage you to break the inertia and get moving, building lots of momentum so that you are unstoppable.

We will start by explaining all of this in general terms, so that no matter what your goals , you will be better able to achieve them.  And then we will provide specific advice if you desire improvements to your relationships, financial state, and body weight.

What does that all mean?

There may be some terms there that are not very familiar, so here is a slightly longer description.  All of these concepts, and the recommendations for how you put it all into action are also covered on this site.

What about resonance, damping and effort?

If you have read about resonance you may have observed that there are a few unique characteristics:

  1. When a system is in resonance, the results achieved (the movement of the ball in our simulation) will be FAR greater than the energy you put it (the movement of the hand).
  2. If we reduce “damping”, the amount of amplification will be far greater still.
  3. If you put in more energy, the amplification effect results in even greater results being achieved.

The lessons learned are:

  1. You need to recognize whether you are living “in resonance”, and then you need to know how to get to that state.  That takes an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, and it takes planning to get where you need to be.
  2. You need to determine what is holding you back, and eliminate it.  It could be your own mind (ideas that wealth is bad).  It could be a family member (partner or parent or even a child) or friend who is holding you back with negative comments.  It could be lack of energy.  There are a number of possibilities, but if you don’t deal with them, you won’t achieve your goals.
  3. And no matter what you are doing, hard work is always required to achieve great results.  When you are in resonance, and you have reduced your sources of damping, then you may find that you don’t have to work as hard.  But if you think you can take it easy and achieve great results, you are kidding yourself.

How do I know I am in resonance?

There are even more observations we can make about resonance:

  1. When you operate above or below resonance, the effort you put out equals the results you achieve.  To get good results you have to work VERY hard.  You may already feel like you are doing the right things (a job you like, for example), but you just do not get the rewards you deserve.  You are not yet in resonance.
  2. If you look at the timing between the work in and the results achieved (the hand and the ball in our simulation), you will see that it mimics common human characteristics.  You can see why people who are not in resonance struggle to succeed.

So you have to look at yourself and decide whether you are living in resonance.  You have to decide if you are acting in a way that will ensure your success.  I believe that it takes a certain attitude to be successful, and it is important to be performing the right activities – the activities depend upon what you are trying to achieve: loving relationship, financial security, or improved health.  We will help you with these issues.

What about inertial and momentum?

Inertia and momentum are also physical properties that you live with every day.  If you try to push a car along the road, it is inertia that make it difficult to start the car rolling.  Once it is rolling, it is momentum that makes it hard to stop.

We use that analogy to explain the challenge you face to make the required changes in your life.  It is easy to think about making changes.  It is easy to want to make changes.  But nothing will happen until you take some action – you have to break the inertial.

But when you do, that puts momentum on your side.  As long as you are moving in the right direction (a plan helps a lot), momentum will keep you moving in the right direction.  Just wait until you feel the power of momentum!

There is much more to understand, and we have lots of advice to make all of this work for you.  But you have taken the first step, now you must take the second step.

What if I am a little confused?

Do you feel confused?  Please do not worry!  This section is here because some people want to start getting their head around what life in resonance means.  Once you go through the much more detailed section on resonance (which explains inertia and momentum as well), you will feel far more comfortable with the “technical aspects”.

What if I don’t understand resonance, damping, inertia and momentum?

And if you don’t understand these scientific terms; don’t worry.  I think you will find that the advice offered will still make LOTS of sense.