Road map

Every journey needs a road map.  We have three stops along the way: financial security, loving relationship and improved health – but the final destination is your happiness.  Don’t give up until you can look in the mirror, be proud of what you see, and know that you can enjoy your day, everyday.

The roadmap below mirrors the menus above.

  1. Start here – Get an idea of what this is all about
  2. Resonance – Learn about resonance so that you are at one with the resonance dynamic.  You can move on without this step, but you will learn much more with this step.
  3. Mind – Before you get into specific solution areas, you need to learn how to apply the principles.  This will help you no matter what your goals may be.
    • How to get your life into resonance
      • Understanding the essential elements: Energy, Enthusiasm, Teamwork, Timing
      • Where are you on the resonance scale: red, blue or purple
    • How to remove the sources of damping: Internal and External
    • The need to work hard
  4. Focus – How would you like this knowledge to help you
    1. Relationships: partner, child, parent
    2. Health: Fitness and weight loss
    3. Wealth: Small business, employee