Do you have a few questions?

Feel free to write to me@lifeinresonance.com or look at the sections below.

Is this site about resonant chants, bells and similar techniques?

No.  Although these techniques very well may help you, the aim here is to put you in tune with the idea of resonance, and then learn how you can apply that in practical, commonsense ways to improve your life.

Are you medically trained?

No. I am an engineer.  I believe there are very practical ways to achieve success in your life.  If you feel depressed, or you mind it difficult to link reality with the thoughts in your mind, then please do seek medical help.

What makes you qualified to offer advice?

I have lead a fortunate life.  I am human, so I have my failings, but I have enjoyed success and would like to offer my thoughts on how you too can enjoy success.  I have seen people try and fail (or not try at all) and then (often) feel sorry for themselves – or just feel sad.  It seems unfair that some people do not get to enjoy their lives.  Sure, I have ratty days, but the good days far outweigh the bad days:

Here are a few points to help you decide if I am qualified.

  1. I have been with my wife since 1980; and we are very happy (it is very rare for us to argue).
  2. I have the two most wonderful teenage boys in the world.
  3. I started my first business when I was 23.  I sold that business and moved to the US (from Australia) when I was 28.  I started a new business in 1999 (back in Australia) and that business has thirteen staff in three countries, and franchised training centers in 50 countries. We have sold thousands of products (and won awards) in 90 countries.
  4. I have a house overlooking the water on 10 acres (4 ha) with tennis court and pool.
  5. I am 6’3″ (or 190 cm) and I am 88 kgs (194 pounds)

Yes, there are wealthier, fitter, healthier people out there – absolutely.  But because of my knowledge of resonance and vibration, and my experience with companies, business, world travel, and so on, I do believe I have something to share with anyone who wants to learn.

What is the cost to learn about Life in Resonance?

Right now, there is no cost.  To make it more convenient to learn some of these principles we will soon have e-books and narrated e-learning lessons, so you can buy those if you would like to do so.

What does a spring have to do with my life?

A spring is an excellent example of an object that can be easily used to demonstrate resonance.  If you grab the handle of the spring and drag it up and down slowly, the ball will bounce a little.  If you move the handle up and down quickly, the ball will bounce a little.  But you drag it up and down at the natural frequency, the ball will bounce up and down with great vigor.  And if we reduce the damping (via the little triangle controller), it will bounce even more – and keep bouncing even after you stop jiggling the bar.

It is a metaphor for your life.  If your life is in resonance and you reduce damping, you can put in the same energy and get far greater results.  You see it happen all around you.  Some people enjoy greater wealth, health and happiness seemingly without trying.  They are trying, but they are being aided by resonance.

You need to be aided by resonance.

But once you have that concept in your mind, you can get on with the practical advice provided on this site to making positive changes to your life.